Leadership & Collaboration

I am a strong believer in situational leadership, taking into account the individual’s level of maturity regarding the respective tasks to achieve the common goals. Therefore, I set the level of direction and support and the boundaries for the individual depending on their competence and commitment.

My commitment:

My aspiration – for me and my people:

I am an honest and reliable person and want to do the right thing for the company and the people – and I expect the same from my colleagues and people.

Start with the end in mind
„Think first, then execute“ – that is a guideline for my work. Before making a decision, I consider future ramifications. In the same way I expect my people to anticipate the consequences of their actions. Decisions taken on this basis can be delivered and only rarely revised and for good reasons.

Commitments are delivered and people make a true effort to achieve their goals.

Transparency – In my role as a leader I’m transparent because I’m convinced that well-informed employees are motivated more and achieve better results.

Working with the customer:
Anticipate and inform – I keep my customers and employers in the loop to receive feedback as soon as possible and to include their input up-front.

Working with employees:
Freedom – I delegate responsibilities to capable employees and allow them to find their own way within agreed boundaries.

»Every mistake made or error found gives you the chance to question the process involved and make improvements«

The art of decision making…

»Strength lies in peace.«

This may sound like a cliché, but a calm approach to things pays out in the day to day business. In a lot of cases leaders are asked for an immediate decision, but in most cases this is not necessary And there is enough time to make a good decision instead of a quick decision.

Based on my experience I can judge quite well which decisions need to be taken right away. If an immediate decision is needed, I can’t rely on my broad expertise. If there is more time to take a decision, I collect facts and data – together with my team – and use this to develop alternatives, often documented with pros and cons. On this basis, the team or myself take the decision.

Advantage for the customer:
I’m a data based and experienced decision maker that keeps calm in stressful situations

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