Implementation of a multi project management in a manufacturing site in the pharmaceutical industry

General Manager and Site Leader

Warner Chilcott Deutschland GmbH

General Manager of Warner Chilcott Deutschland GmbH and site leader of the Weiterstadt Site


Warner Chilcott plc: $3 Billion
Warner Chilcott Deutschland GmbH: 100 Million €

Locally: 300

Increased project load due to new company strategy (following M&A)

Corporate: Rockaway NJ WC plc. Legal: Dublin, Ireland


  • Site revenue approx. 100 milllion € with 300 employees
  • My role: Sponsor and customer of the project as well as leader of the steering committee during the project phase


  • The local management team realized that the site needed to improve the project management and the project delivery, as the number of project increased significantly, following the acquisition by Warner Chilcott.
  • Development and implementation of a multi project management structure, targeted to ensure project delivery according to agreed plan (in time, in budget, meeting quality)


  • Development of a multi project management structure with an external company, which included the already existing project management tools.
  • Roll out plan defined and executed (based on skill needs assessment: different level of qualification depending on role in projects)
  • External qualification (Level D) of approx. 20 individuals as project leaders
  • Strict application of project management tools and processes in all future project ensured


  • Significant improvement of project delivery ( Schedule, budget, quality) in all projects
  • Increased number of projects completed due to higher efficiency

Special Challenges:

Multi Project Managegment only works, if leaders insist on its rigorous application and usage – even in situations where a shortcut may look attractive at first.

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