Improving Packing Line Efficiency by increasing OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) in a pharmaceutical manufacturing site

Director Operations, Site Leader, General Manager

Company: Started at P&G, continued at Warner Chilcott Deutschland GmbH

Initially Director Operations (at P&G), later Site Leader & General Manager (at WCD)




Output of packing lines too low


  • Director Operations: 70 FTE in Packaging Department


  • Increase OEE longterm from 20 % to 85% (Standard Goal at P&G)
  • Increase MTBF longterm from 2 minutes up to 240 minutes (Standard Goal at P&G)


  • Day-to-day focus on line performance
  • Increase capabilities of shop floor staff
  • Application of multiple Autonomous Maintenance und Preventive Maintenance Tools (SMED, Work Point Analysis, 5S, Problem Solving, Shop Floor Management/ Daily Direction Setting)
  • Implementation of systematic escalation process with support areas


  • Benchmark results for OEE and MTBF for packing lines in pharmaceuticals achieved
  • OEE = 65% and MTBF = 120 minuten (Achieving higher numbers did not make sense from a business point of view)
  • Packing Lines run with high efficiency and highly predictability (less then 5 % unplanned downtime), therefore line staffing could be reduced and output increased

Special Challenges:

Optimizing the high numbers of small production order, which account for a large portion of downtime due to change overs in the pharmaceutical industry

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