Implementation of a Tier / Accountability meeting structure to improve daily management in a pharmaceutical site

General Manager and Site Leader

Warner Chilcott Deutschland GmbH (part of Allergan plc)

General Manager of Warner Chilcott Deutschland GmbH and site leader of the Weiterstadt Site


Allergan: $17 Billion
WCD: 100 Million €

WCD: 250

Increase efficiency by improved daily management and better/quicker decisions


  • 250 Employees
  • 100 Mio€ Revenue

Sponsor and customer of the project. High level of involvement in planning and roll out, execution done by Operational Excellence Leader (direct report)


  • Driven by local management team
  • Site had a well established daily direction setting meeting structure dating back to P&G. This structure worked fine, but the focus was more on reporting and less on driving accountability to the lowest level and less on problem solving.
  • Implementation of a new meeting structure that creates more transparency on results and progress, improves working relationships between functions, delegates decision making tot he lowest level and ensures fast escalation when required.


  • Benchmarking with other sites in the network
  • Analysis of current state and definition of target state
  • Implementation of target state with high involvement of employees from respective areas: Starting with an 80% version
  • Continuous improvement and further development of the target state using structured feedback process


  • Significant improved working relationship between the different areas and better alignment regaring day-to-day business
  • Increased responsibility and decision making on the shop floor level
  • Faster and better decisions, much stronger focus and prioritization on key challenges
  • High level of transparency on achievements vs. plan in all areas
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